I was born in Livorno in 1983 and raised among the objects and the antique furniture thanks to my parents, who have worked since very young in Antiques.

I immediately developed a deep passion for this environment. I attended the “Istituto per l’Arte e il Restauro – Palazzo Spinelli” in Florence, where I obtained my diploma. For several years I refined my techniques directly in Florentine workshops.

In 2003 I opened my workshop in Livorno and in 2008 I began my artistic career, exhibiting in Pietrasanta. In 2009 I took part at Bologna Art Fair for the concept store “L’Inde le Palais”.

In 2016 I started focusing on trade with my wife Martina: furniture, decorations and ecclesiastical ornaments. Every day is a challenge to propose interesting pieces when fashions and tastes change so fast, but we love our work for this: there is always something to learn and fall in love again.

MyArt – Philosophy of Work

The inspiration was born and materialized in the recovery of ancient or disused fragments, reinterpreted in an absolutely contemporary key. Original objects and sculptures are born, ranging from the abstract panel to the sculptures of naturalistic inspiration, to the ironic ones that refer to the characters of the past.